Child Development Program

The children who benefit from the Child Program and its components add up to 120 repeats, between the ages of six and 12. Activities under the program commenced in late 2012 with assistance provided to children with their daily homework, and have since grown to cover the following components:

Inquiry-based Learning

Children and youth scholars from Jabal Mohsen and Bab El-Tebbaneh were actively engaged in setting up Ruwwad’s Child Library to encourage a sense of community and shared ownership. Today the library holds approximately 3500 books. As a learning incubator, the library is used for child literature, and creative arts sessions and most of the skills training. Children are always invited to use the library for research purposes, and/or leisure time reading.

Other components of the Child Program are the Sports and Gymnastics Activities organized in play courts outside the center and in Ruwwad’s fully equipped gym, under the supervision and training of a professional sports coach. Science and Robotics Sessions take place in partnership with the Little Engineer and Kids Genius, using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) as mediums to teach robotics and industrial mechatronics.

Parental and Community Support

Academic Support sessions for children and Better Parenting sessions for mothers take place as part of the Parental and Community Support component.

School Outreach

IQRAA summer clubs employ reading for pleasure to impact cognitive skills and learning while enhancing the reading and writing skills of children. 12 public school teachers from two schools (Mutawasitat Al Tebbeneh and Abi Firas Al Hamadani) have been trained on the program, which also equipped 10 classes in these schools with furniture, stationary and books. At present, one month-long literacy IQRAA camps are conducted in these two public schools on a yearly basis.

Also, 300 adolescents from grades 7and 8 from Abi Firas Al Hamadani, Takmiliyat Al Qobba and Ba'el Mohsen schools are targeted by the outreach activities through a partnership with “I am an entrepreneur” program with Injaz.