Community Support Program

Our scholars are our primary force for community engagement and organizing. Since Ruwwad Lebanon’s inception, our youths have launched and participated in several grassroot initiatives and campaigns: the Composting and ‘Seha w Hana’ Iftar Initiatives and the “Salam w Takwa” campaign, which mobilized 1200 volunteers to help Tripoli heal its wounds after the terrorist bombings that targeted the Salam and Takwa mosques.
Because of chronic sectarian tensions in the region, Ruwwad’s scholars also get trained on problem solving and conflict resolution methods.

The Community Program includes the following components:

Community Helpdesk

The Community Helpdesk at Ruwwad welcomes all neighborhood citizens and offers services such as orienting job seekers about the job market and providing them with the adequate training that enriches their professional skills.

Women Advancement

This component includes Education and Awareness sessions for women of both communities. It also encompasses income generation projects that offer vocational training and create job opportunities. For example, Ruwwad Lebanon has launched a production kitchen called ‘Atayeb Tarablos’.