The children in the communities where we work often have no access to some of the most basic rights to which every child is entitled. As a result, many end up stumbling on a path that carries them further away from their potential.

The Child Development Program staff and volunteers, many of whom are from the community itself, dedicate themselves to answering questions, availing resources and transmitting age appropriate knowledge and skills, guiding each child through a journey of personal, emotional and physical growth.

The program has three integrated components that promote practices that develop children’s creativity and physical wellbeing: Inquiry-based Learning, Parental and Community Support and School Outreach Activities.


1. Inquiry- based Learning: inquiry- based learning nurtures children’s imagination, curiosity and appreciation of diversity through access to a children’s library and other safe spaces for learning. The library acts as an incubator for child literary activities. The children also have access to an open space for artistic self-expression and science-based workshops that support the development of logic and critical thinking. Sports activities promote fair play, fitness and team building skills.

2. Parental and Community Support: This component runs awareness raising sessions on safe learning environments for children. Ruwwad also provides tutoring lessons and informal learning opportunities through its summer and winter clubs, which help keep the children away from unsafe streets.

3. School Outreach: These activities provide assistance and outreach to surrounding schools, focusing on the creative arts, sports and child literature. Ruwwad also offers maintenance and logistics support to neighboring schools.

Note: These areas are fully developed in Ruwwad Jordan and Lebanon; they are still in their early phase of formation in Palestine and Egypt.