At Ruwwad, we believe that solutions to problems are best engineered by members of the community. We use a collaborative, participatory approach to community organizing and development, working hand in hand with interested constituencies and engaging as partners and decision makers.

The Community Support Program comes together through three components that increase access to and awareness of vital services and rights: Partnerships and Services, Psycho-social Support and Women Advancement.


1. Partnerships and Services: Partnerships are conducted with other community-based organizations, the purpose of which is to provide assistance in different related fields, such as support for the disabled and their families and legal support. Furthermore, the Community Help Desk promotes awareness of and facilitates access to rights-based services related to health insurance, employment and learning opportunities. The Jeeran station provides in-kind donations to families living in extreme poverty.

2. Psycho-Social Support offers different groups within the community opportunity to belong to support groups that create a safe environment for self-expression and reflection.

3. Women Advancement provides access to literacy, language and IT education, self-awareness workshops and income generation initiatives.

Note: These areas are fully developed in Ruwwad Jordan and Lebanon; they are still in their early phase of formation in Palestine and Egypt.