Community organizers call on citizens to cooperate and work collectively to solve long-standing problems and challenges. Towards this end, Ruwwad adopts a structured community focused methodology aimed at mobilizing community-led campaigns. Such campaigns nurture civic initiative and defy the power structures that alienate us and prevent us from transforming our ingenuity into the indispensable power we need to responsibly fulfill our duties.

Extravagant spending without people’s active participation in solving their issues fails to bring sustainable solutions to problems that threaten our societies; change happens by mobilizing those who are most affected and who can work in unity towards making a difference.

In 2010, Ruwwad introduced the concept of community organizing through its partnership with “Mujtama3i”, a dedicated platform for Arab organizers, and subsequently with “Ahel”, a social enterprise specialized in community organizing. In 2011, Ruwwad Jordan launched the "6 minutes Joy of Reading," its first campaign in Jabal Al-Natheef, and kicked off the "Safe Homes" in 2012.

Note: This component is fully developed only in Ruwwad Jordan.