A Passport to Life

“When I graduated with a Tawjihi, I had no hope whatsoever that I will get to study at a university. I used to sit and think, Is it possible that I will get to live like everybody else? Will my financial status defeat my ambition?

Ruwwad was a passport for me as a citizen, but the trip was not to Paris, nor to London! It was to Ruwwad/Jabal Al Natheef!

The journey was on a new road; a road that changed my life, changed me to someone who saw volunteering as a source of happiness and self-development and, of course, community development. The more you give from your heart, the more you receive in return.

I became convinced that nobody determines your future for you; it is you, your effort, your persistence and your future.

Ruwwad formed a turning point for me: the life I imagined became the life I am living for real. I experienced real life events with people from Jabal Al Natheef. I lived with adolescents who taught me the meaning of determination, persistence, ambition and accepting the other. I lived a world of stories we used to read on Al Weibdeh road in the morning, of discussions in Dardashat every Saturday.

Now, I no longer live in Ruwwad; Ruwwad now lives inside of me. Everyday! Because I realized that the essence of living is to be there to help and support others.” – Nour Al Huda Al Suraidi

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