2014 Youth Graduation

This year, 2014, Ruwwad graduated 50 youth scholars of the Mousab Khorma Youth Education & Empowerment Fund (MKYEF) in Jabal Al-Natheef in Amman, as well as the Ruwwad Al-Tafileh Scholarship Fund and the Ruwwad Al-Beidha Scholarship Fund, all of whom have successfully completed their education at Jordanian universities and vocational colleges this year. These 50 youth graduates bring the total number of Ruwwad youth scholarships to 946 since Ruwwad’s establishment in 2005 in Jordan.

To celebrate, our graduation ceremony took place on Saturday 29th of November 2014. As part of the graduation ceremony, we organized an interactive event entitled, ‘Enhancing Job Opportunities through the Discovery of Places, Networking and Valuable Relations’, in collaboration with online platform, Jeeran. Drawing the participation of graduates and a host of experts and professionals from various fields, the event highlighted the importance of creating a communication and networking platform that allows representatives from different sectors to interact and exchange expertise.

The graduation ceremony commenced with a welcome note delivered by MKYEF Officer, Abdallah Abu Fannas, followed by a highlight of the graduates’ hard work, volunteerism efforts and learning process. In addition to graduate speeches and shows, Samar Dudin, Regional Director and Head of Programs, stressed the importance of civic values that promote good citizenship, ideological diversity, individual initiative and positive thinking in developing the work methodology adhered to by Ruwwad with regards to youth and the community.

During the ceremony, Ruwwad graduate and Youth Enrichment Program Officer, Rahaf Abu Doha, prompted a discussion about Ruwwad’s journey and entry into the area of Jabal Al-Natheef with Ruwwad Chairman, Fadi Ghandour, who affirmed the vital role of initial meetings in establishing a solid work foundation. Ghandour elaborated that Ruwwad – which was launched as an Aramex initiative – demonstrates the importance of involving the private sector and business owners in corporate social responsibility and youth empowerment. He added that Ruwwad is a testament to what can be achieved when community contribution and engagement unite, and said, “Ruwwad was not established to serve as a mere charity project, but as a representation of the crucial role the private sector plays in advancing marginalized communities.”

The ceremony concluded with the distribution of recognition certificates among graduates and youth who excelled at Ruwwad.

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