“IQRAA” Camp

Ruwwad organized “IQRAA” camp in the framework of reading promoting project launched by “Ikraa group” in the official primary schools. Tebbaneh intermediate school and Abu Firas al-Hamdani school in Jabal Mohsen hosted the camp from August 12 until September 7, 2013. hosting information lookup website change monitor The camp involved children from Tebbaneh and Jabal Mohsen, who suffer from languages learning difficulties, especially Arabic, helping them overcome these difficulties and motivate them to reading, in addition to arts and entertaining activities.

The camp targeted:
- 136 first-cycle students followed a daily program (5 days/week) including free readings, aloud readings, kinesthetic activities, writing workshops, kinesthetic musical activities and vocabulary learning games.
- 12 teachers from Jabal Mohsen and Tebbaneh have undergone a training to animate and supervise the camp classes and to gain personal experiences.
- 28 volunteers in from the child program followed a training and took up key responsibilities in the camp.
- 2 schools benefited from furniture and stationary that they kept by the end of the camp.

Abu Firas al-Hamadani students graduated in a ceremony attended by families of the 65 students, the school principal, the teachers and scholars who volunteered in the camp. The camp did not stop with no dropout all over the effective period. It witnessed a high engagement from parents and teachers sight, the children did enjoy all the activities and showed high interaction with their teachers.

Being a huge success, IQRAA camp is duplicated within during the academic year and will be a key initiative always running to feed this cultural reading need as its title shows.

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