Ruwwad Lebanon operates in Bab El-Tebbaneh and Jabal Mohsen located in Tripoli, in the North of Lebanon. They are two poverty-stricken, marginalized neighboring communities burdened by sectarian and political strife since the times of the civil war. Jabal Mohsen is nestled on a hilltop that overlooks Bab El-Tebbaneh along with the Beddawi and Mankobeen regions, which are also both involved in armed clashes.

The population of Bab El-Tebbaneh is stands at around 60,000, while Jabal Mohsen’s is home to an estimated 45,000. Up to 50% of residents in the two neighborhoods are unemployed, making half the population vulnerable to mobilization at times when clashes erupt. The government fails to provide much needed attention to these areas, leaving room for extremism to grow. The two neighborhoods also suffer from widespread addiction to drugs and alcohol, child labor and child marriage mostly among girls. Bab El-Tebbaneh and Jabal Mohsen were prosperous regions until a flood in the 1960s caused the destruction of many buildings, followed by years of civil war, resulting in the overall infrastructure being completely deteriorated.