Our Story

Between 2011 and 2015, Ruwwad’s regional expansion took place through Aramex as a key partner corporation, and a network of entrepreneurs. This is the story of the Ruwwad Egypt Project.

In 2009, Fadi Ghandour was introduced to Yasmina Abu Yousef through Dina Sharif, a sustainability activist with AUC’s Gerhard Center at the time. Yasmina had previously created Tawasol in Izzbet Khairallah, one of the biggest haphazard slum areas in Cairo, and home to more than half a million citizens. In 2011, Ruwwad and Aramex commissioned a community need and asset mapping in order to gauge the best form of intervention in Izzbet Khairallah. In 2012, a community center was opened in the Izbeh and a small fund was created with the support of Aramex, Egypt, to educate 50 youths in exchange for community service. The center was set up by the youths themselves and continues to grow to this day. By 2015, the number of scholars benefiting from the fund reached 139 students.