Direct Intervention Towards the Elimination of Child Labor

In partnership with the International Labor Organization (ILO), Ruwwad reached more than 330 children engaged in different forms of child labor in East Amman, and worked on rehabilitating 150 children affected by child labor. Males and females of different nationalities (Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Egyptians) were admitted back to schools through the direct enrollment and remedial programs which are supported by the psychosocial and cultural programs initiatives for school dropouts.   




Al Jana Campaign

Awareness, education, better parenting, empathetic listening, joy of reading and legal accountability were the tactics of Al Jana campaign. Twenty-one women were trained in child safety and protection, who in turn reached out and educated 500 mothers, teachers and youth. This community organizing effort was led by community volunteers who gave 1097 hours to enforce child safety education at homes, and in schools and neighborhoods in East Amman.




Taraheeb Al Bedu - Bedouin Welcoming Chants

Under the theme “Taraheeb Al Bedu” (Arabic for “Bedouin Welcoming Chants”), Ruwwad’s Day 2017 marked 10 years of Ruwwad’s presence in Al Beidha, facilitated through its partnership with the Ammarin Bedouin Camp and Al Beidha Cooperative Association. The day was organized by Al Beidha’s youth scholars and included Bedouin poetry, local food, history of the archeological village and “Samer” songs.

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