Art, Music and Theater

For the first time, Ruwwad youth scholars benefitted from art, music and theater training. Manuals were developed for each of the trainings, detailing activities, design and implementation, providing Ruwwad with an invaluable resource going forward. The music trainings were conducted in partnership with Sounds of Change: theater with Hashem Kabreet and Abdalla Jatal and art with Iman Nawaya.

Ruwwad and PISCCA

Ruwwad Lebanon, in partnership with the French Embassy, implemented PISCCA Project for teaching English, French and IT to youth in the 11th and 12th grades. Twenty-one Ruwwad youth scholars became certified trainers for delivering IT courses. This program introduced English and French languages as new prerequisites for the scholarship application process.



Atayeb Tarablos

“Atayeb Tarablos” Kitchen introduced a new educational aspect, providing vocational training to 220 women throughout the year. The kitchen also provided apprenticeship opportunities for 50 women. The kitchen in 2017 generated an income of 22,200 USD, forming an additional source of funding for the Youth Scholarship Fund.

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